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Where our world and Spirit meet

Jack and Boy

All energy vibrates. Every part of matter has a vibrational frequency. Atoms vibrate, so do the molecules they form. The denser an object, the slower the vibration, conversely the more fluid or ethereal an object, the faster the vibration. So the molecules that make up a rock vibrate slower than those of a flame. Light also has a vibrational frequency which gives it color. Red vibrates at a low frequency while violet at a very high frequency. Even the main chakras are represented by the base chakra being red and the crown chakra most often depicted as violet. Light has many more frequencies beyond that which we can see in the visible spectrum.

Spirit too has vibrational frequencies outside the visible and some people can tune themselves into these frequencies to see spirit on earth. But tuning into these frequencies of spirit is not just a matter of getting your focus right, like prescription glasses. Rather it is raising your own spiritual vibration and awareness to a level where you are communing with the spiritual levels. It is convenient to consider spirit as having levels. Most mediums will refer to spirit realms ranging from the astral to God. Even orthodox religion places hell below and heaven above. Physical placement simply makes more sense to us because that is how we perceive the world, imagined or otherwise. The reality of course is that spirit has no physical location divided into levels. Spirit is everywhere or nowhere, depending on your awareness. The fact that we place spirit in realms with levels or in heaven and hell just makes it convenient to perceive. It is valid because it gives us understanding while we are incarnate in the physical, so it is ok to consider that the higher you go the more spiritual you are.

We live in a physical body on a physical world. The more dense or solid that world is, the lower the vibration whereas our thoughts, dreams and inspirations, have no physical form so can vibrate higher depending on the emotion given to them. A negative or depressive thought might elicit a sad or troubled emotion, lowering the potential vibration. A positive, happy or uplifting thought on the other hand will evoke a high, sometimes very high vibration. It is through these high vibrations, thoughts and emotions that we connect with spirit, in other words, with God . Seeing with our mind, often referred to as our third eye, but mostly feeling with our being, our soul.

How can we not see what is right before us?