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Where our world and Spirit meet

Jack and Boy

Family is important  in teaching you about life. Spiritual families are just as important in teaching you about your spirit.

The make up of your spiritual family includes multiples of you. That’s right you, your past lives you. What good are soul journeys of past lives if you cannot learn from them in this life. Everyone is born with a certain personality which comes from their higher self and is based on our history of experiences in past lives. The human mind cannot hold all of those experiences so to tap into them you must connect with your spirit and soul. Why? Because it explains you, here, now. The more you know about yourself, the more you control your own life and the more you are likely to achieve your goals.

Who are Jack and Boy? When I was a child I had two spirit friends, Jack was a man in his thirties and Boy was a toddler.. Both were  my constant companions during my early years. Jack  taught  me about spirit and Boy Grew along with me.

My name is Noel Brand.

I am a Deep Trance Medium, a Reiki Healer and a Past Life Retrocognitive.

I conduct Reiki Healing directly on the body as well as distance healing through a proxy.

I use Reiki to tap into the soul to ask whether past lives wish to be revealed. Only if your spirit has a need to divulge past lives do I receive their stories. Entertainment is never a cause for your past to be revealed, it is to give you the tools to heal your present life that the past is revealed.

Through Deep Trance I allow spirit to communicate directly to you. You may ask questions, discuss the spirit world or just sit and listen to spirits’ words.